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Winning a Scholarship: What You Need to Know

Scholarships provide invaluable support for students looking to further their education and achieve their goals. But applying for scholarships can be a complicated process with many potential pitfalls, so it’s important to know what mistakes to avoid when applying. Here are some tips from Dr. Robert Stravinsky, physical therapist and founder of the Stravinsky Scholarship Fund, on how to increase your chances of winning a scholarship.
Not Taking Your Time
One of the most common mistakes applicants make is rushing through their applications without proofreading or giving them the attention they deserve. This is especially true when there are multiple essays or other requirements involved in the application process.

It’s important to take your time and treat each essay as an opportunity to demonstrate why you’re an ideal candidate for the scholarship. Crafting thoughtful essays that highlight your unique experiences and qualifications will help you stand out from other applicants.
Not Following Instructions
Another mistake applicants often make is not following instructions closely enough when filling out their applications. Make sure you read all instructions carefully before submitting your application, as failure to do so could lead to disqualification. If any instructions are unclear, contact the scholarship provider directly for clarification or assistance rather than making assumptions about what they’re asking for.
Not Knowing How You’re Being Judged
Finally, it’s important to understand what criteria will be used by judges when reviewing applications and awarding scholarships. Ask yourself questions such as “What qualities does this organization value?” or “How can I best demonstrate my qualifications?” Knowing how you’ll be judged will give you a better understanding of how to tailor your application accordingly in order to maximize your chances of success.
Keep these tips from Dr. Robert Stravinsky in mind while preparing your applications—doing so could mean the difference between winning and losing a much-needed scholarship!

With hard work and dedication, you can make sure that your application stands out among all others and demonstrates why you are an ideal candidate for the scholarship fund.

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