Harvesting the Heart Service Dr. Erik Goluboff is a specialist who treats urogenital problems

Dr. Erik Goluboff is a specialist who treats urogenital problems

Dr. Erik Goluboff is a specialist who treats urogenital problems post thumbnail image

Dr. Erik Goluboff is a specialist in charge of practicing urology. He has surgical and medical knowledge of the urinary system of men and women and is an expert in the male reproductive system. It is popularly believed that the urologist is an exclusive specialist for men when the reality is that women also suffer from diseases that require attention from a urologist.
The pediatrician is the first doctor to conduct a urological study on the newborn to verify that all of his urinary and reproductive systems are fine. Since then, not many men have gone for regular check-ups, unlike women, who usually start going to a gynecologist in adolescence.
In case of any pathology related to the urinary or male reproductive system, it is very important to see Dr. Erik Goluboff, regardless of the patient’s age. In any case, specialists recommend a visit to the urologist from the age of 50 to perform a prostate check, whether or not there are symptoms of suffering from some pathology.

Treats urogenital problems

Requesting an appointment with Dr Erik Goluboff should be done to rule out any abnormality that may arise, such as prostate diseases, urinary tract stones, congenital malformations, urinary infections, testicular disorders, and incontinence urinary.
Urology includes studying and treating diseases that affect the urogenital apparatus, both male and female. What are the biggest queries? The urologist sees conditions like kidney stones, prostate cancer, and sexual dysfunctions. The most common reasons a woman goes to a urologist are kidney stones, urinary tract infections such as cystitis, urinary tract tumors, and urinary incontinence.

Prevention is very important

For men, visiting Dr. Erik Goluboff regularly is one of the most important measures to prevent problems such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, but also diseases such as prostate cancer, which has a high incidence. Men should go to the consultation before age 50 and even before age 45 if there is a history of prostate cancer in the family.

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